All You Need to Know About Outdoor Solar Lighting


Solar lighting has become a popular option with people who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. If you have decided to install solar lamp posts and solar post lights in your home you may have a few questions about how they work, what their benefits are and so on. This article will answer some of them.

What are solar lamp posts?

Instead of using the local electricity grid to power your outdoor lights you can buy outdoor solar lighting – they are lights that are fitted with a solar cell, an LED light and a photoresistor. The solar cell produces energy during the day and the energy charges the battery. Once the sun goes down the photoresistor kicks in, activating the battery which turns on the LED light. This process doesn’t require any action on your part – the lights are automatic.

What are the benefits of outdoor solar lighting?

There are many benefits to installing this kind of lighting, but the most important is that it will help lower your utility costs. You will no longer have to pay money to your electricity company to light up the outdoors at night. You will also help the environment – solar power is renewable, unlike electricity which is not. These lights are easy to install and since they don’t have any wiring they are also safer.

Will the weather affect my outdoor solar lights?

Most of the outdoor solar lights available in the market are able to withstand moderate weather, but if there is extreme weather, such as a hurricane or a severe weather storm they may need to be taken down until the severe weather passes.

What is the initial setup cost?

While solar lights reduce your monthly utility costs you should be aware that the initial cost of putting them up can be significant. How much will depend on the kind of lighting that you choose and the area that has to be lit up every night. However, in many places the government will compensate you some of the costs you incur – it is a scheme to encourage more and more people to turn to solar lighting. Once you have recouped your initial costs your only costs for outdoor solar lighting will be maintenance.

How much maintenance is required?

The amount of maintenance depends on the kind of lights that you buy. For most, all that is needed is cleaning so that the lights can get maximum light exposure during the day. Solar outdoor lights that are installed under trees will require more frequent maintenance because of fallen leaves and twigs.

Will my solar outdoor lights work in the winter?

In some of the coldest countries in the world people rely only on solar lighting so yes, so long as your solar lights are installed facing the right direction they will work properly in all sorts of weather. Solar lighting doesn’t rely on the sun to shine; all it needs is the light from the sun.