Governments of different counties are considering bitcoins seriously

The governments of leading countries around the world are still discussing the technological phenomenon of cryptocurrency and decide what to do with it further. Uniform international rules on the regulation of digital currencies do not exist, while this issue is resolved individually within each individual state. In this article, we will consider which countries recognized Bitcoin, which, on the contrary, were banned, and what it promises for all market participants.

We live in an era of active development of digital technologies that can change the world beyond recognition in a very short period of time. Cryptocurrencies like have gained such popularity due to the fact that they are based on the innovative blockchain technology. Now on the market, there are a huge number of different coins and tokens. In fairness, it is worth noting that the vast majority of them have no chance of a bright future. There are no guarantees that even Bitcoin itself will be the engine of the industry in 5-10 years. But what can be sure about almost 100% now is that blockchain projects will be able to change the real sectors of the economy in the coming decade.

Country in which cryptocurrencies are recognized

 Saying the word “cryptocurrency”, we from capital88 will mean, first of all, Bitcoin, as it is a reference point for the industry of digital coins. It should be noted that most people who are not very deeply oriented in this topic are convinced that Bitcoin is very popular among criminals since it can be used to make completely anonymous transactions. But this is only half true, since in fact transactions in the Bitcoin network are not hidden, and in order not to give out your identity, you must use special mixers, which, by the way, are constantly closed. If you do not go into details, then to achieve complete anonymity on the Bitcoin network is a rather complicated procedure.

Governments of different counties are considering bitcoins seriously

The United States occupies one of the most tolerant positions for cryptocurrencies. Given that this state has a key role in the global economy, this inspires optimism to all market participants from a global perspective.