Know Everything about the Integral Part of Your PC – Motherboard!

Name me a thing that is mostly used by today’s generation. Apart from the mobiles and tablets, Computers are the revolution since Charles Babbage innovated the machine which can lessen all our stress and complexity. Be it, a kid or an adult, be it, a domestic purpose or the corporations, computers have grabbed every individual with its unmatched (literally) features and functions.

While today’s world is quite familiar with computers, they are more focused on the internal parts of computers that makes difference between one computer and the other. If we talk about the vital parts of a computer, Motherboard will seamlessly come to the list.

What is a Motherboard?

This segment of the article might sound boring to many people, but I found it worthwhile to mention for those who know a little about Motherboard. The motherboard is the part of thecomputer used to receive power and communicate with the other parts of the computer. The first motherboard was invented only with a processor and card slots. There wasn’t any SATA Cable or PATA Cable and being a user, you had to insert floppy drives and memory to make use of a computer.

Know Everything about the Integral Part of Your PC – Motherboard!

Basically, Motherboard is comprised of useful and vital materials for a computer and it directly affects the computer’s performance. The Motherboard’s main job is holding a computer’s microprocessor chip and connect one device to another. In a whole, everything that runs or enhances the performance of the computer is either connected to Motherboard or stays within Motherboard itself.

You may not have heard about a term called form factor which is indeed a vital part of a computer and affects its performance severely. The form factor is the layout and shape of a Motherboard. The form factor makes a huge impact on the shape of the computer’s case and the destination of individual elements. You will find most of the Computer’s motherboard that makes use of some precise form factors so that all of them can fit in the usual cases.

Are you wondering what kind of CPU the Motherboard is compatible with? The microprocessor socket is the answer. The chipset I’m talking about is one of the most integral parts of Motherboard logic system. The chipset can be divided into two different parts – Northbridge and Southbridge. Now the question arises, what’s the role of these two bridges? They are the connector of the CPU with the other parts.

The BIOS or the BasicInput/Output System may be familiar to you as you see it every time you turn your computer on. The system works on the very basic part and runs a self-test for the computer while turning it on. Some of the advanced systemscontain dual BIOS which makes sure the supply of an additional backup in case one fails. SATA Cable and PATA Cables are also connected to the computer which makes the device quite important for connecting the entire machine. If you’re facing any sort of issues with your PC or more specifically Motherboard, don’t forget to che3ck whether the cables are placed properly.