For any female, the motherhood is a phase that offers her completion. Hence pregnancy matters a lot in the life of a woman. There are different symptoms of pregnancy with the help of which one can know if she is going to have a baby now or not. To check the same, there is pregnancy detection kit, and one can get the same from the market. If one cannot get a kit, some more homely and easy alternatives can also help to know the state of pregnancy. They are easy and cost-effective options. One does not need to get any special product or device to know if she is pregnant or not.

Use sugar: One of the most useful items in the kitchen is Sugar, and surprisingly it can be used perfectly for the detection of pregnancy also. It is an age-old technique that works with sugar and offers the result of pregnancy detection which is quite close to the accurate result. To check the pregnancy status, just have some sugar in a bowl and mix morning fresh urine to the bowl with sugar. Now mix the sugar and urine well. Wait for a 5 to 10 minutes and check if the sugar is intact in the bowl or it is dissolved. If it is intact, that means you are pregnant, and life is changing now, but if it remains intact, that means you are yet to enjoy the life as you were enjoying.

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Use Pine-Sol: As far as the home remedies are concerned for the detection of pregnancy, the Pine-Sol is also a good option. You, to check the pregnancy state, need to have a cupful of pine-sol in a jar. Add fresh urine to the pine-sol, and if the colour of the same remains intact, it displays that you are still to wait for the baby, and if there is a change in colour, it means you are going to enjoy motherhood soon.

Use toothpaste: It’s interesting to know some more uses of toothpaste than just cleaning the teeth. For the purpose of confirming the status of pregnancy also this is a wonderful option. It is too simple to go for. Just have some toothpaste in a container and mix it with morning urine. If the colour remains same, the test result is negative but if the colour of the mix changes to blue that means you are to welcome the guest in coming days.  If you see foams on the mix, it also shows that the result of the same is positive and you can be a mother in coming days. For this, you need to take simple white toothpaste only and not the fancy or gel one.

These are few of the best options that can help you check the status of pregnancy. They are doubtlessly some of the best options that are tested over a period. However, for further actions and medication, it is always recommended to check with the medically approved kits and options recommended by qualified doctors.

The Test to Know If You are Pregnant

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